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MaxFormance Exhaust Mod Kit Installed
MaxFormance Exhaust Mod Kit

For use on all original Tomos A55 exhausts except Arrow with dual headlights

Description:  If you have a Tomos A55 exhaust that is plugged up or want the ability to adjust your exhaust backpressure and sound this kit is for you. Utilizing the legendary SuperTrapp three inch stainless steel diffuser disc system allows for complete tunability of sound and backpressure level. No other moped exhaust system gives you this versatility. This is a modification kit to be used with the original Tomos A55 exhaust. Hack sawing and drilling one hole is required.

Biturbo Exhaust System
Biturbo Exhaust System Installed
Biturbo Exhaust System Kits

Increase your moped's acceleration and top speed with a high performance Biturbo Exhaust System


Biturbo Exhaust System Replacement Parts

Birturbo Parts

Baffle for two piece Biturbo (#RA-495000)-----$19.99
Biturbo insulation (#RA-495100)-----$10.55
Universal exhaust insulation kit (WP-05-0002)-----$7.99
End cap, spring & circlip (#RA-495300)-----$9.99
Circlip (#RA-495400)-----$3.99
Tall brass exhaust nuts (#RA-430300)-----$1.99 each
Gasket (#RA-405100)-----$2.99

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Tomos Arrow R Exhaust
Tomos Arrow R Exhaust Assembly


Tomos Front Sprockets
Note: Adding a tooth to the front sprocket will increase the moped's top speed. Subtracting a tooth will give the moped a quicker takeoff and more power for steep hills or heavy loads.
Tomos Moped & Motorcycle Front Sprockets

Specifications: Front sprockets
  • Before ordering determine if your moped has a flat or dished front sprocket
  • For use on Tomos A55, A35 and A3 engines
  • 24 tooth flat sprocket (#TO-236544)-----$19.99
  • 25 tooth flat sprocket (#RA-425000)-----$22.99
  • 26 tooth flat sprocket (#TO-209078)-----$19.99
  • 27 tooth flat sprocket (#RA-427000)-----$19.99
  • 26 tooth dished sprocket (#TO-230788)-----$22.99
  • 27 tooth dished sprocket (#RA-632512)-----$22.99

    NOTE FOR 27 TOOTH SPROCKETS: Tomos engine cases will require a slight modification (grinding out of some material) to obtain proper chain clearance toward the front of the sprocket.

  • 28 tooth flat sprocket (#FLAT28)-----$24.99*
  • 29 tooth flat sprocket (#FLAT29)-----$24.99*
  • 31 tooth flat sprocket (#FLAT31)-----$24.99*

    *NOTE FOR 28 & 31 TOOTH FRONT SPROCKETS: Engine modification required to obtain proper chain clearance.

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Tomos Rear Sprockets
Note: Subtracting teeth from the rear sprocket will increase the moped's top speed. Adding teeth will give the moped a quicker takeoff and more power for steep hills or heavy loads.
Tomos Moped & Motorcycle Rear Sprockets

Specifications: Rear sprockets
  • 24 tooth Arrow sprocket (#TO-236544)-----$19.99

  • Sprockets listed below WILL NOT fit Arrow
  • 31 tooth sprocket, gold color! (#31TO-GOLD)-----$19.99
  • 31 tooth sprocket (#31TO-227863)-----$19.99
  • 31 tooth sprocket, new take-off (#31TO-NTO)-----$16.99
  • 28 tooth sprocket (#28TO-223119)-----$19.99
  • 27 tooth sprocket (#27TO-230187)-----$19.99 (fits TX50 mini-cycle)
  • 24 tooth sprocket (#24TO-227361)-----$19.99
  • 22 tooth sprocket (#22TO-222586)-----$19.99
  • 20 tooth sprocket (#20RA-633084)-----$19.99
  • Bolt & nut kit for use with 20 tooth sprocket (#20T-BK)-----$10.99
    (Includes 4 stainless steel socket head cap screws & self locking nuts)


    1.  Rear sprockets for Streetmate R models may need the bolt holes slightly enlarged from 7mm to 8mm, we will do this for you at no charge if you tell us you have a Streetmate R model.

    2.  FOR 20 TOOTH SPROCKETS: Tomos wheels will require modification (machining clearance for chain). We will machine this clearance into your wheel for $32.50 plus shipping. The wheel needs to have the tire removed and the wheel bearings in the wheel.

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