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IRIDIUM Power Plugs
IRIDIUM Power Plugs


Heeters Performance Center
is proud to sell the world's
best spark plugs.
Iridium Spark Plugs
We sell all varieties of Denso
spark plugs, including the
Iridium, Platinum and others.
Platinum Spark Plugs Advantages of Iridium Power Plugs...
• Ultra-fine .4mm diameter electrode requires less voltage and increases performance.
• Tapered Cut electrode reduces quenching, improving firing performance.
• U-Groove maintains a large volume of space to form the nucleus of the flame.
• 360 degree laser welding process provides a seal so reliable that even in the harshest conditions, the electrode resists wear.

• Iridium heat ranges 9 through 27-----$13.99 each
• Iridium heat ranges 29 through 37-----$16.99 each

Platinum Plugs...
Many of today's vehicles use platinum, long-life spark plugs. DENSO pioneered this technology, applying erosion-resistant platinum to the center & ground electrodes to maximise plug longevity & durability. DENSO's Platinum Spark Plugs are capable of consistent, extended operation of up to 100,000 km.

Platinum plugs we currently have in stock, $4.99 each

W20FS-ZU          W22ES-GU         X22EPR-ZU9
W22FS-ZU          W22ES-ZU          X24ES-ZU
W24FS-ZU          W24ES-ZU          X24EP-ZU9
W27FS-ZU          W27ES-ZU          X27ES-ZU
W31FS-ZU          W29ES-ZU          X27EP-ZU9
W34FS-ZU          W31ES-ZU

Denso U-Groove...
• As a result of a more complete combustion, Denso U-Groove plugs deliver high performance with better fuel efficiency because of the unique DENSO U-GROOVE which creates a stronger flame front.

Power Pack Plugs

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NGK Sparkplug Wires

7mm Spark Plug Cables

Description: 7mm NGK Racing Cables

Harley Davidson 8mm High Performance Ignition Wires

Harley 8mm High Performance Ignition Wires


GY6 Spark Plug Cap

GY6 Spark Plug Cap


Spark Plug Cap

Spark Plug Cap

  • Fits larger solid post or screw on spark plug termial tips
  • 90 degree angle
  • Soft rubber makes a water tight seal on spark plug & wire
  • Easy installation
  • Price (#WP-14-1086)-----$2.88

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Spark Plug Wire Splicer

Spark Plug Wire Splicer
7mm Spark Plug Cable Splicer

  For those using a sealed CDI system, NGK has developed a water resistant cable splicer to connect NGK Racing Cables to the stock ignition system. Simply insert each cable into the splicer, tighten, and you are ready to go. When used in conjunction with the NGK Cable Splicer, NGK Racing Cables can save you the significant expense of replacing entire ignition systems simply because of a failed cable.
  • 7mm cable splicer (#ML-J1)-----$6.99 each

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Copper Core Sparkplug Wire

7mm Copper Core Spark Plug Wire

  Black 7mm Hypalon copper core stranded wire with nylon insulation and PVC outer cover, maximum temperature 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 Celsius), maximum voltage 2000 volts.
  • Sold by the foot
  • Price (#ML-8337)-----$1.55 per foot

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Accel Spark Plug Wire Set 173082
Accel Universal Spark Plug Wire Set 173082

  High conductivity, silver-plated copper woven around stainless steel. Two 42" wires are included, each wire can be cut to the desired length. Set includes locking terminals for male coil towers, brass distributor terminals and boots for female coil towers, butt connectors and shrink tubing for molded coils.
  • Fits 4 cylinder motorcycles
  • 8.8 mm performance wire set
  • Graphite RF1 suppression core
  • 90 degree spark plug boots
  • Price (#ET-21-0702)-----$39.99

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Denso 671-6259 Wire Set
Denso Ignition Wire Set 671-6259

  • Denso ignition wire set 671-6259
  • Superior dielectric & thermal qualities
  • Factory-original fit, appearance, & performance
  • World-class chemical & oil resistance
  • Price (#671-6259)-----$19.99

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              Spark Plug Indexing Washers
Spark Plug Indexing Washers

  Indexed spark plugs align the open end of the electrode toward the intake port. The hottest flame meets the new fuel charge for a performance gain, and increased mileage and plug life.
  • Fits sparkplugs with 14mm diameter threads
  • Gold washers are .75mm thick, silver washers are 1.00mm thick, purple washers are 1.25mm thick, red washers are 1.60mm thick
  • For twin cylinders, 8 pieces (#ML-11-4488)-----$4.55
  • For triple cylinders, 12 pieces (#ML-11-4489)-----$4.99

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Heeters Performance Center
Heeters Performance Center

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